Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ralph, the dog

This is my Jack Russell Terrier, Ralph, otherwise known as Ralph the Brain ..he has been my best friend for almost 3 years...many people would laugh at that statement...but those people don't know anything about Ralph...when he was six months old, I was feeling sick with a virus and fainted in the woods while walking him; that little puppy stayed with me: licking my face, crying, and whining until I woke up and was able to make my way home...

He loves the ocean and will leap into the waves to chase his little soccer ball; but mostly, it is his undying devotion to me that is the clincher in our relationship...whatever I say or whatever I do, it's ok with him; if I choose to walk for three or four miles into the woods, he's up for it...take a nap in the afternoon, it's ok with him...sometimes I think he's my alter ego, but the better part of me.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The aging dilemma

Although this is meant to be a photo site, it appears that I will also inflict a little of my philosophy upon anyone who happens to wander into my I am now moving gradually into old age, it is important that some of my observations are written down...first thing, the dilemma of life will always escape my understanding; perhaps that is why I love photography at this stage of my life: it gives me glimpses of such beauty in the world if only briefly and for a moment. To try to capture these moments on digital film is like creating a painting in a few minutes. When I was much younger, painting in oil or acrylic was a passion; now I feel time is finite and with photography a lot more can be accomplished holding a camera than a paintbrush... our mortality escapes us in youth; it takes age to appreciate the brevity of life.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jamestown, Rhode Island

Here are a few images taken during a recent trip to the coast of RI. I've been doing serious photography for about 5 years; it has been a lot of fun and an interesting learning journey.