Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ricoh GR

This is a photograph of my dog taken with my new Ricoh GR..I love this little camera!  It is small enough to put in a pocket or pocketbook; easy to use once you master the controls..has an APS-C sensor, just like the smaller DSLR cameras..the only drawback is that it is a fixed focal length of 28mm, but the wide angle is my favorite focal length so it should be is an f2.8, extremely sharp lens..I wish it came with a battery charger, but that is extra...but it would be nice to have instead of having to hook the camera to a charger..more to come later with this camera as I do some more shooting..did I say it shoots raw, too?

Friday, December 6, 2013

Winter walks

It is hard to find compositions during the beginning of winter when everything seems monotone..Ralph, my dog, and I walk every morning and I always carry my Canon G12 or if it's raining, the G9, which has been around a long time and has survived a lot of rain and snow...this was taken the other day while we were walking; looking down and using macro sometimes is the answer to images this time of year..I liked the look of these mushrooms on the deadwood...