Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Galilee harbor


I am a member of the Photographic Society of Rhode Island and the mentoring chair for that club.  It has been a lot of fun teaching and learning from people who are members.  When I started photographing digitally 7 years ago, this club was a connection with other digital photographers and it was where I learned much about photography.  It
has almost 80 members and is a very active organization with field trips, workshops, and top notch presenters..We have had Jack Dykinga, Paul Caponigro, Dave Middleton, and many others..last Saturday the club went to shoot in the harbor at Galillee, RI...late afternoon sun is difficult; it can be so harsh and hard to deal with the extreme contrast. Above are a couple of images that I did like; the rusted dock with feathers and a little green plant really appealed to me, as did the bottle cast away on some is always fun to shoot regardless of conditions..if it is really bright summer light,  I often take the infrared camera with me.