Friday, October 11, 2013

days two and three

Here are the images for the last day and also today...I slacked off already from the daily image project, but did take two today to try to make amends!  The top image is a fawn near my barn and the bottom is one of my cats taking a dirt roll...they were both shot with my 70-300mm L lens by Canon..this lens has been one of the best investments I've made;  it was invaluable on my trip to Argentina and Chile: it was used on every telephoto mountain image..

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Image per day project!

Here is the beginning image of my Image per Day project...needless to say, this isn't the first time I have embarked on this endeavor, only to fail miserably after about two weeks or less...this time, there is a steely determination to complete the will help me become a better photographer and since I shoot almost every day anyway, it will encourage me to take better images and even post the failures if there is no choice...this image was taken on a foggy morning as the trees are just changing color here in Rhode Island...
taken with my trusty G9, which I unfortunately will be retiring because of scratches on the lens and a ton of dust inside the camera..what is that all about?  How did the dust get in behind the lens?  oh well, these questions will remain unanswered as I make the transition to the G12 that I've had a couple of years but barely used...

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Back from the Canadian Rockies

Just returned this week from a tour of the Canadian Rockies out of Aurum Lodge with Darwin Wiggett...this is my fifth time in the Rockies, but it never gets boring...the Canadian Rockies are always breathtaking and magnificent in any weather.  I have walked in the Andes, but the Rockies have always touched my heart; the stark beauty and power are unforgettable...the Endless Chain of mountains on the road to Jasper is a rare,
incredible sight..these are a few of the images from that tour..the top one is a rusted, burned out car detail; the second is sunrise from Preacher's point with a lot of wind and a long exposure; the next is sunrise at the North Saskatechwan river and the last is from Rampart that I have returned home, there is a project in my is one that has proven elusive:   an image a day for a year...hope to start it tomorrow to see if I can keep it won't be easy..