Friday, February 17, 2012

new lens: Canon 24-105mm L IS

This image was taken with my new Canon 24-105mm lens...I had read varying reviews about this lens...I was hesitant to purchase it after finding that some photographers said it was soft and had some barrel distortion...this is a test image taken at a brook behind my house:  this was shot at max extension of 105mm.  I am very pleased with the clarity of this lens; the results at 24mm were also excellent. Using a Cokin P filter holder presents a problem at 24mm with vignetting of the corners...but it is something I can correct with Photoshop.
The reason I purchased this lens was simple:  traveling.  I usually take my 17-40 and 24-70 with me along with the 70-300 or 70-400 but if I can leave the first two lenses at home and just take two it would be much lighter in my backpack. I'm not getting any younger and carrying three lenses plus my little Fisheye is tough in the mountains.
I will be taking this lens with me to Patagonia next month after a thorough test beforehand...but so far,  it seems to be just what I need.