Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Night and the ocean

There is something magical about the sea after sunset; an eerie almost mystical quality changes the light and with a long exposure on my camera, the sea takes on a foggy almost insubstantial appearance as the water rushes over the rocks; they appear and then disappear beneath the waves. The colors just after sunset can be cool forbidding blues, giving even a warm summer evening the feel of winter...
This lighthouse sits in an incredible location, facing bravely out to draws me back again and again to make images of this rocky coastline.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Ralph, in the sun

Ralph taking his morning nap in the sun.

Summer's end

Drove to the coast the other day to view the sunset after a series of storms. There is a sadness about the month of August; it is the beginning of the end of summer...the beautiful weather coming to a close, as the evenings become just a bit cooler and the mornings a bit chillier...the Big Dipper is a higher over the horizon after dark. As I grow older, the winters become a little harder to tolerate, the cold seems more pervasive and my body a lot sorer after cleaning the barn in freezing weather...but there is one important fact I cannot matter what the temperature, there is always such beauty around me...even in the middle of winter.
I'll miss the colors of summer, my photography in winter is pared down to the basics: black and white images are perfect...there is a sparse graphic element to photography when snow is on the ground...