Monday, May 30, 2016

What would you do?

There are weird things that happen when shooting; cameras stop working sometimes, there are issues with the best way to shoot an image, and other things that might crop up; here are a few questions with some answers that may help you when in distress:

Q. What do I do when shooting raw, running out of space on the memory card and forgot to bring another?
A. Switch to shooting in jpeg will have a lot of space on the card...better to get a jpeg than nothing.

Q. My camera gives me an error message or stops working: (start with #1 and work your way down the list if nothing is working.) How do I prevent myself from tossing the camera into the ocean?
A. 1. remove and replace the battery; power up again.
     2. replace the battery with a new one.
     3. after doing the above, and camera isn't right, return to default camera settings.
     4. upload the latest firmware
     5. Call a rep from the manufacturer. (Actually, this happened to me. The ability of my camera to auto focus was lost, I couldn't get the center focus to even appear on the viewfinder; the rep was able to talk me through some weird button strokes and the auto focus worked afterward.)

Q. The sky is bright blue, I'm shooting with an ultra wide angle and there is a dark blue blob in the middle of the image. What do I do?
A. Take off the polarizer or turn it so there is a negative effect...polarizers cause uneven skies on ultra-wide lenses.

Q.I am photographing a waterfall, it is cloudy but the water is very reflective..what should I do?
A. Use a polarizer to cut the glare and slow your shutter speed to get flowing soft water.

Q. I am at the beach at sunset, but the darn sun is too bright on the horizon..How do I control it?
A. Use a reverse Neutral Density is darker in the middle, put the darkest part on the sun.

Q. I am at the beach and want the water to look misty and ethereal..what do I do?
A. Use a polarizer and a 5 stop ND filter for a long exposure...use an aperture of around f16 or f18

Q, I am stuck shooting in the middle of the day on is sunny, bright, blue skies with harsh do I handle this?
A. Bracket three images.  convert them to an HDR image, then use a program like Silver Efex Pro to convert to black and white...because of the HDR treatment, the image will be dynamic in black and white.

Q. It is a cloudy, windy, overcast day...not good for photography...Is there anything I can do to shoot?
A. Pull out a 10 stop ND will give the clouds movement and drama, convert to black and white.