Thursday, April 19, 2012

Along the road

Sometimes, the most amazing images can be made if you have a camera in the car.  I was coming home at sunset and tried a little camera movement with these trees against the setting sun...shook the camera a little as I took the image;  really like the result of this experiment.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tales from Patagonia

Returned from Patagonia (Los Glacieres in Argentina and Torres del Paine in Chile) a couple of weeks ago...unfortunately,  our workshop leader had a flu-like virus which moved through most of us within a few days.  I was exposed to it on the first Sunday in El Calafate, and by the Thursday of that week, was feeling really sick...things got a lot worse for me, although I did drag myself out to shoot until I couldn't get up out of bed anymore by the last fever just wouldn't quit; finally, saw a doctor the following Wednesday:  it was pneumonia.  She loaded me with antibiotics and wanted to admit me to the hospital in El Calafate, but I knew that the next day I was flying back to the US and didn't want to be hospitalized in Argentina, so she gave me antibiotics and anti-inflammatory agents:  it was enough for me to make it home and to my doctor...
It was disappointing for me, because by the first weekend, after only 5 or 6 days, photography was no longer a priority..I just wanted to get well and couldn't find energy to even was probably the sickest I've been in years...but that's life,  and stuff happens.  Fortunately, I did get a few images before I couldn't function..and even when I was very sick,  I forced myself to shoot the sunset you see was taken at Torres del Paine..the whole workshop seems a blur to me now...
One thing I will not forget is the force of the wind in the was strong, wild and dangerous.
forgot to mention that there was an extensive forest fire in Torres del Paine National Park a few months ago..every tree was blackened or dead..I would not recommend going there until it has recovered since you are limited in your palette, there is almost nothing green left near Los Cuernos.