Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Coastal Oregon

Here is an image from Bandon Beach taken at sunset...there were some great opportunities on that beach, but also a lot of people...it was hard to find a composition that didn't involve someone in the shot.  The Oregon coast was not what I expected;  it is very congested along the coast highway:  the only place that was really beautiful was Ecola state park..rainforest and pristine views...but photography is what you make of it and sometimes it involves a lot of work to find a composition...used the Singh-ray blue/gold polarizer at times with varied results. The blue image was taken with the polarizer.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

off to Oregon

It seems like yesterday that I signed up for a tour in Oregon, but now it is only a couple of days away.  Already packed my camera equipment but the new lens from Canon, the 70-300mmL, is very heavy..I'm almost tempted to bring my trusty old 70-200mmn lens, because it is approximately a pound lighter; however,  the 70-300mm gives me just that extra reach...forget the 100-400, that's a real killer to tote around unless you have to photograph wildlife in the distance.  Also, I haven't been using the new lens at all so this will give me a chance to really field test it...
will be visiting Ecola State Park, Bandon Beach, Cannon Beach..hoping for good cloud cover since that makes every image more dramatic...loaded all my filters..can't function without my polarizer, ND filters, and graduated ND filters..should be a lot of fun.