Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Almost Christmas

Here are a couple of recent images; the top one of the bicycle was taken in Boston after dark but a streetlight illuminated the bike beautifully..night photography has become a lot of fun since I took a night photography workshop with Lance Keimig..I highly recommend his night workshops, even if you only have time for a two day workshop.  The second image is strictly a reflection of trees taken this autumn..I liked the blue/gold interplay of trunks and leaves...Since buying the new Canon 5D Mark III,  I am continually impressed with its low light capabilities..the images are amazing at ISO 12,800, there is no visible noise..unlike my Mark II which I found lacking at ISOs over 1000...the manual for the Mark III is long, almost 300 pages, but the camera has a lot of changes and is quite different in controls compared to the Mark II..however, the batteries are the same..Yay!