Friday, January 17, 2014

Night photography

This is one of my first experiences light painting...a few friends and I went out the other night to photograph this tree that we've driven by many times..I have wanted to photograph it, but never thought of doing it at night..four of us parked near it, then we took turns lighting it in different ways...the shots didn't take as long as expected, most were under 30 seconds..also, it was surprising to see the stars in the sky since the tree is in a busy area with a lot of light behind us, but not behind the tree...You do need a strong flashlight but need to quickly move it over the tree; holding it too long in one spot will cause the whites to clip or was  a lot of fun trying different exposures and lighting techniques. We also tried lighting it from the back but the darn flashlight was sticking out at times ruining the shot...wear dark clothes if you try this and keep moving so you don't appear in the of the people had a really bright light so he was able to light the tree from where we were shooting..manual focus was necessary..will have to try this more often and see what happens...planning to go to the coast and do stars where there is no light pollution.