Sunday, October 28, 2012

Zion with two lenses

Yes, you can photograph Zion with only two lenses...These images were taken a couple of weeks ago in Zion National Park;  I did bring three lenses with me and a Lowepro flipside 300 backpack..As I have gotten older, it's not an option for me to carry a lot of lenses and a heavy bag.  That's not fun to hike around with  a lot of lenses unless you're in your twenties. The lenses I brought with me were:  Canon 24-105mm F4L and the Canon 70-300mm F4-5.6L.  It was all I needed to cover just about any circumstance..the panorama above was taken on a tripod, leveled and instead of using my 24mm tilt/shift,  I turned the camera on the tripod base and took three overlapping images and photomerged in PS. This is a liberating experience, to travel light and not miss a lens...the 17-40mm was in suitcase in case of equipment failure as was the 70-200mm.

Sometimes it seems that we take way too much equipment and spend too much time figuring which lens to use;  this was simple:  wide angle, mid range zoom, or telephoto..and it worked.  The skies were not really dramatic until the last day, but there were some lovely areas to shoot..I recommend the waterfall at Emerald pools shot from below in the corner, looking up-you eliminate all the tourists, and there are loads of them, from the many areas are photogenic, and a lot of them are not busy or you can just wait, as I did on the Virgin River, until the crowd's easy to clone out a couple of people...Flanagan's Inn was a great place to stay, right next to the park and it had a great menu..