Saturday, November 17, 2012

photographing dams

These two images were taken yesterday at the Ponagansett road dam in Rhode is a very cool place to photograph in fall and winter..after a heavy rain, the water can be fascinating; in winter, with ice coating the rocks, it is absolutely beautiful.  Fortunately, the day was cloudy therefore perfect for shooting the rapids below the dam..the top image had a cooling filter in PS, the lower is the actual color of the water.  I like both images; they were taken with my new Canon 5D Mark is quite a different camera from my Mark II, which I really seems to me that Canon jammed as much stuff into this camera as possible..
in camera hdr and multiple image merges..that is stuff I can do in PS..but the camera focuses so much faster than the Mark II it amazes me..also, it has been amazing in low light.