Tuesday, November 14, 2017

After 12 years of using a digital camera

I first began using a digital camera in 2005: it was a 2 megapixel camera...I was psyched!  Wow...two megapixels.  Today that camera would be junk, but it was my introduction to digital photography and I still keep it as a memory to those early days. The Canon Mark III is my choice today, with a Sony a6000 backup...I did own the Canon Mark IV for almost a month before returning it for a refund..why?  Because the LCD, no matter what settings I used, never gave me the rich images I could see on my Mark III LCD..it may sound stupid and ridiculous, but I am a visual photographer; if the image on the LCD doesn't give me the tones and depth of color I need to give me an idea of how an image needs to be edited, I don't want that camera...sometimes, you have to realize, that technology and the latest model of camera aren't going to always be better for you personally...so my suggestion is:  if you love the camera in your hand, don't upgrade just to have the newest technology, sometimes a camera you are accustomed to using that is giving you what you want is all you need.