Monday, November 14, 2011

Andre Gallant seminar

                            These two images are the result of attending a seminar by Andre Gallant. His creative techniques are liberating to me as a photographer...because of his dreamscape, panning, and moonlight dreamscape techniques, my work has suddenly become more fun and exciting. Viewing his creative images changes my whole point of view about it is fun for me to combine images using textures with amazing results and some failures...but the challenge of pushing my creative envelope is never dull...I highly recommend anyone with the ability to attend one of his presentations to not hesitate;  it will open doors in your mind.

Monday, November 7, 2011

November beginnings

Here are two images taken the other day...the left one is a pattern shot; the right is about light and shadow...I used a softening filter on the grasses to blur them a little and give it a more abstract feel...these were taken on my morning walks with Ralph; although, now that it is shotgun season for deer, I have to be cautious and walk a little later in the day...