Saturday, May 14, 2011


Yesterday I came across a few wildflowers starting to bloom in the yard and on the path to the are a couple of images taken with the G9...the colors of these fragile plants are just amazing this month; unfortunately, rain is predicted for the next few days so I can't bring out the macro lens and Canon5D if that happens. But if it's a light rain or drizzle, it may be ideal for shooting these flowers.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


This month my birthday arrives again; I often think about being a teenager who couldn't wait to grow up. Now, it seems my youth was evanescent and perhaps not really appreciated at the time. It takes aging to realize the gift of living on this planet, the incredible journey that life holds for each of us. To some extent, we control our destiny and in many ways, it is determined by circumstance...

For me, photography has become my life record; images are moments that can never be repeated in time or place. I have photographed the Canadian Rockies in all seasons, have felt the power of this planet in those mountains; every time is different. The light is always different, my choice of locations may change, but mostly it is my feeling that changes..the myriad emotions surging in my mind on the day I am photographing determine the way I will capture an image.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Down to the sea with cameras

These three images were taken two nights ago along the coast of Newport, RI..on the left is the Castle Hill Light and on right, below, Castle Hill Inn...the sky looked amazing as sunset approached with turbulent clouds and even rain showers in the can see a rain shower behind and to the left of the Inn. However, as time went on and dusk drew near, the clouds seemed to just disappear over the ocean; the earlier images, when the light just wasn't quite what I was seeking, seemed to have more fascinating clouds in the sky.. images were taken with the Canon 5d Mark II, the 17-40mm wide angle lens, a 3 stop soft grad ND filter and polarizer...I always use Singh-ray filters in a Cokin holder..the Cokin filters give a strong magenta tone, which some people seem to love, but I just don't like that particular tone. The Singh-ray filters, also the Tiffen filters, are always truly neutral...the top right image was taken after the sun dropped below the horizon, leaving just a little color in the was a long exposure; it's my favorite.