Tuesday, October 28, 2008

October's end is upon us; the oak and maple leaves that once adorned the trees now lie upon the ground in an often lovely graphic composition of light, shadow and tone. All the huckleberry leaves have come full circle from the bright lime green of spring to the deep crimson color of the Fall...Ralph and I walk though the deep leaves for our daily treks wandering for miles sometimes; I am in awe of the morning light this month...the sun peeking from under a cloud cover, just catching the tops of the trees is truly a joy to behold and to try to photograph...although I carry a small pocket camera with me on our walks, there are been occasional images rivaling those of my Canon SLR... it dawns on me that it's not the camera, but the eye of the photographer that is the real lens, not the one screwed onto the camera body.
The image of the barn was taken at sunset a couple of weeks ago...I've been past this barn or stopped to photograph it for 35 years; but last Sunday, when I was driving past, it had been razed; nothing but a pile of rubble strewn in a field...

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